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  • 1. Can I bring you items to decorate?

    No, we do not work on outside items.  We offer a large variety of products that we can decorate.  Please take a look through our online catalogs or stop by our showroom.

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  • 2. Where is Nice Threads?

    We are located at 17 Kings Highway North in Westport, CT.

    You can get directions from our Location page, we're easily accessible from Route 1, I-95, and the Merritt Parkway.

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  • 3. How long will my order take to produce?

    Generally, we ask that you allow approximately 7-10 business days for us to produce your order.  This depends on the size and specifics of your order, once we have all the details we will be able to pin down a finish date more accurately.  Specialty techniques and materials may take a bit longer.

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  • 4. What information do I need to give you to get a quote?

    In order for us to give you an accurate quote there are several key pieces of information we will need:

    1. What is your Logo?
      We will need for you to email us a copy of your logo.
    2. What will you need it on?
      Please pick the item(s) you would like from one of our online catalogs, or stop by our showroom to look at some of our popular styles.
    3. Where would you like to have the logo on the items?
      Left Chest, Front, Back, and sleeves are all common options.  Let us know if you are unsure and we can help you decide.
    4. How many of each item do you need?
      We will need the sizes, quantities, and colors of all the items.  Volume discounts are available.
    5. When will you need it?
      We will generally be able to have your items ready within about 2 weeks from approval of your proof.  Please let us know if you will need it sooner, rush production is available though an additional fee may apply.
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  • 5. I have artwork, what format should I send you?

    Any vector artwork is preferred, it is best to send it at 100% in the actual colors you would like.  A thumbnail composite is also helpful for illustrating where you would like your artwork on the finished item.  File formats that generally have vector artwork in them are: ai, eps, svg, svgz, cdr, wmf, emf, and occasionally pdf.  We will however work off just about anything you can send us, although an art charge may apply if we need to redraw your design.  File formats that generally require a redraw include: jpg, tif, gif, png, doc, pub, ppt.

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  • 6. I have my Tape from another embroiderer, can you use it?

    Yes... Possibly.  We can run most commercial embroidery file formats but that doesn't guarantee that a file will run nicely on all items.  Sew Files, or Tapes, are generally set up with a specific fabric and placement in mind, so a design that was set up to run on the front of a canvas tote bag may not run nicely on a nylon jacket.  A left chest logo for a stretchy polo shirt may not work on a hat front.

    Additionally, not all machines run exactly alike even if they are running the same file.  What looked good on their machine may not look as good on our machines, or it may look better!  There are so many factors involved that sometimes we just have to try it.  At the very least that Tape you supply can give us a good starting point to recreate a new matching file that we know will run well.

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  • 7. What file extensions are sew files(Tapes)?

    The most common commercial sew file format is DST.  We prefer OFM.


    Many of these files do not contain color information and we will require additional information regarding the color order.  Very often you will have a JPG or PDF file that shows the proper colors along with a list of the actual colors needed, and the order they are needed in.

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  • 8. Can I have my screens after you're finished printing?

    Sorry, no.  Our screens are a tool that we use for a job and then reclaim for use for the next job.  They are not items we can part with.

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