Fun-Runs and Cause-Walks

Fun Runs, Cause walks, and Walkathons are a great way to raise awareness and funds for causes that people care about by bringing the community together.

T-Shirts are an extremely important part of any activity like this.  They are economical, high-visibility, and provide a great place to thank the sponsors.  The sponsor listings can provide critical funding for both the cause and the operating budget for your event.  It’s a great deal for the sponsors because of the exposure they receive and great deal for you because everyone who wears one of your shirts is a walking(or running) billboard for your cause.  Hats are also a great item to provide to you participants.

It is also good to consider awards for entrants who place in the event and top-tier sponsors.  Medals, trophies, and plaques are all great options that can be produced for your event cost-effectively.

We would be proud to help you make your event a success, please contact us so we can discuss the details of your project.